Everyone loves a new coat!

Reupholstery is a wonderful way of breathing new life into furniture that is structurally sound but with some cosmetic wear.

At Circa, keeping close to the original design of our pieces is of paramount importance to us, and our skilled master upholsterer uses time honoured traditional methods to ensure this. We do however, add a touch of our own style with choice of colour and fabric.

For example, aboveĀ is a sofa and matching chairs purchased at an Italian antiques fair and reupholstered by us in the UK. We chose a luxurious mink velvet to go with the elegant design but we did not have very long to admire the end product as all three pieces were soon to be housed in the West end office reception pictured above.

With the chairs below we took a slightly less conventional approach to colour by using a pistachio velvet which we felt really complemented the slightly more quirky design and black steel supports.

It is really exciting for us to give these fantastically well crafted pieces a new lease of life and will keep you up to date with more as they come in.

Watch this space.