Turn the Tables

Today we have two large coffee tables to share with you, the first of which is this fantastic marble ‘jumbo table’ – designed for Knoll by Gae Aulanti – one of the few women designers in postwar Italy and creator of many elegant pieces.

It is not surprising that Gae Aulanti would design an imposing piece such as this, as she was responsible for several large scale museum projects – including Musee d’Orsay in Paris – and also had some background in industrial design.

The choice of Rosa Aurora – a Portuguese marble with a delicate pink colour – gives a soft edge to the design and, along with the cluster legs, combines a graceful elegance with a sense of serene strength, while the beautiful markings on the marble – going from pale to darker pink with green and grey hues – make this table truly individual.

Gae Aulanti has been recorded as saying that the focus of a room should be the occupants – not the furniture – but in creating such beautifully classic designs as this, she goes some way to making that a singularly difficult task. You can view the table by clicking this link.

Our second piece (below) – a 110cm square two tiered Lucite and Nickel table – is very cool indeed. With clean lines and a contemporary design it epitomises the kind of French chic that would create a stunning centrepiece to complement, rather than dominate, a room.

Great example of 1970’s modern furniture. You can view the table by clicking this link.

Large Lucite Coffee Table