Photogenic furniture and lighting!

These safari chairs by iconic designer Arne Norell are being used on a photoshoot for the letting of an exclusive furnished property in Kensington.

There can be no denying how handsome they look coupled with the wood flooring and natural light showing the fine quality leather and solid rosewood.

Arne Norell, a Swedish furniture designer who founded his company Möbel AB Arne Norell in 1958, was posthumously awarded British Furniture Manufacturer’s ‘Showpiece of the year’ award in 1973.

The company – today known as Norell Möbel AB – still manufactures many of his original designs which goes to prove that while fashions may change, style is eternal.

Murano Chandelier

Murano chandeliers never fail to please and with such a variety of styles to choose from there will always be one to suit any room.

As seen here, this lovely chandelier made of hanging prisms on gold waterfall frames gives a beautiful soft light and, although it certainly makes a statement, it doesn’t dominate the room, allowing space to other features such as the picture and table lamp.

This chandelier is one of a pair and, if you could see through the wall, you would find it’s twin in a mirror image room in the property next door.

Chandelier Chat.

Murano chandeliers are made from soda crystal, famed for it’s extraordinary lightness and a unique property which allows the glassmaker to work at it for a longer period of time allowing the graceful shapes to be skilfully crafted.

Murano glass hails from the Venetian Island of Murano which has specialised in fancy glassware for centuries, and so guarded was the secret of their beautiful work that the master glassmakers – although given status as the Island’s most prominent citizens and immunity from prosecution by the Venetian state – were not allowed to leave the Republic. Exportation of professional secrets was punished by death.