Aldo Tura. Designer, craftsman and artist

Aldo Tura has always been one of our favourite Italian designers so we are really pleased to have another of his distinctive and unmistakable pieces to showcase today.

Aldo Tura started designing and manufacturing furniture in the 1930’s and was a true innovator of his time. His outstanding skill as a craftsman and artist meant that he was always open to new ideas, experimenting with bold colours and a wide range of materials such as eggshell, leather, parchment and wood veneering.

Although his ambition was to create furniture that broke the restraints of tradition, he favoured tradition where techniques were concerned and constantly produced pieces of superior quality in limited numbers making each one highly collectable.

The cocktail cabinet pictured here is a testament, not only to his impeccable workmanship, but also to the sense of fun and idiosyncratic edge apparent in so much of his work.

In Rosewood, brass and lacquered parchment, it features two large wheels at the base and a smaller wheel serving as a handle for a front opening door that houses a mirrored chamber. There is a bank of drawers to one side, a single door cabinet to the other and a brass gallery on top that is also a removable drinks tray.

The front panels depict scenes from ‘The Wedding Dance’ and ‘The Peasant’s Wedding’ by 16th century Flemish artist, Perter Bruegel and, for that final, wonderful touch there is a wind up musical mechanism that plays a tune on the door opening.

Aldo Tura wanted to make people smile with his designs and he has certainly succeeded with this one. You can view it in our products by clicking this link.