Holland Park Lighting

It is always a pleasure to see our pieces integrated into their new homes, and never more so than when they become part of a beautifully designed residence such as this Holland Park town house where we recently installed a diverse selection of mid century lighting.

Hanging in the drawing room are two drum chandeliers by Zero Quattro, a little known but innovative Italian design house that produced sought after work of the highest quality from the 1950’s to the 1970’s.

With an inner ring of clear, Murano glass prisms and an outer ring of amber prisms, the chandeliers reflect the light from the bay window and make a fine addition to this effortlessly elegant space.

Moving to the reception we see a large, brass chandelier attributed to Arredoluce. With 18 gracefully curved arms and ivory painted bulb holders it creates a very pleasing aesthetic with the understated ceiling rose and is an ideal choice for the classic style of the room.

Lastly, we have a 1960’s Italian, three arm pendant attributed to Cristal Arte. In brass with green glass diffusers, its modernist design and bright but soft light is perfect for this large hallway.

We look forward to installing more Circa lighting in this tastefully appointed home very soon.

Circa Revamped

Our Circa showroom has recently been revamped – fresh and new, but keeping to our usual grey and gold theme – and we are showcasing some interesting recent acquisitions alongside those already in our inventory.

The large Italian curved sofa, reupholstered in red velvet, along with the salon of Paola Buffa lounge furniture provide the perfect centrepiece to demonstrate how lighting, tables and seating could look when put together in a home environment, and to show how a diverse mix of styles can be such an inspiration for interior design ideas.

The lighting on show ranges from a colourful and quirky Italian ‘Triennale’ floor lamp to a pair of elegant Cristal Arte chandeliers that make for a wonderful complement to the large brass framed 1960’s Italian mirror; a very stylish piece with an inset faceted geometric design in gold and ruby. We have hung it landscape to fit with our decor but it looks equally appealing hung portrait or floor standing as in the picture on our website.

A range of cocktail, coffee and side tables – including a sleek, octagonal Romeo Rega design – are on display, and the dark stained oak flooring has been provided by our sister company, Marmorea.

We think it has a certain panache, but don’t take our word for it, come along and take a look for yourself.

We would love to see you!

And keep your eyes on the Marmorea site for an upcoming blog about our superior quality, Dutch wood flooring.

circa battersea

Tasteful Victorian Townhouse

Lights and lamps are a huge part of an overall design scheme, and well chosen lighting not only illuminates but gives life and ambience to a space.

In this five story Victorian town house, the first light we see is the chandelier in the hallway. Crafted from Murano glass, it is made up of mottled tubular glass pieces on two tiers and is a great choice for high ceilinged entrances such as this.

Lighting, as well as being beautiful, must be functional and these two elements are brought together seamlessly in the Scandinavian cascading pendant lamp hanging from the top floor staircase.

Made up of three blown smoked glass spheres in ascending sizes, it displays the combination of simplicity and sophistication that goes to create an elegant and timeless piece.

In the living room, taking pride of place on an Italian brass console table – also supplied by Circa – is a Charles Maison pomegranate lamp. The pomegranate lamp is part of an iconic range of 50’s nature-inspired designs and really complements the clean lines and contemporary edge of the console table.

The Hungarian point bespoke flooring and Victorian marble corbel fireplace in the living room were supplied by Circa’s sister company, Marmorea.


Photogenic furniture and lighting!

These safari chairs by iconic designer Arne Norell are being used on a photoshoot for the letting of an exclusive furnished property in Kensington.

There can be no denying how handsome they look coupled with the wood flooring and natural light showing the fine quality leather and solid rosewood.

Arne Norell, a Swedish furniture designer who founded his company Möbel AB Arne Norell in 1958, was posthumously awarded British Furniture Manufacturer’s ‘Showpiece of the year’ award in 1973.

The company – today known as Norell Möbel AB – still manufactures many of his original designs which goes to prove that while fashions may change, style is eternal.

Murano Chandelier

Murano chandeliers never fail to please and with such a variety of styles to choose from there will always be one to suit any room.

As seen here, this lovely chandelier made of hanging prisms on gold waterfall frames gives a beautiful soft light and, although it certainly makes a statement, it doesn’t dominate the room, allowing space to other features such as the picture and table lamp.

This chandelier is one of a pair and, if you could see through the wall, you would find it’s twin in a mirror image room in the property next door.

Chandelier Chat.

Murano chandeliers are made from soda crystal, famed for it’s extraordinary lightness and a unique property which allows the glassmaker to work at it for a longer period of time allowing the graceful shapes to be skilfully crafted.

Murano glass hails from the Venetian Island of Murano which has specialised in fancy glassware for centuries, and so guarded was the secret of their beautiful work that the master glassmakers – although given status as the Island’s most prominent citizens and immunity from prosecution by the Venetian state – were not allowed to leave the Republic. Exportation of professional secrets was punished by death.