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Illuminate your life

Illuminate your life

November 11, 2016  Tags: Lighting, Gaetano Sciolari, « Back
Illuminate your life

Following on from one of our recent Marmorea blogs featuring installations in two Belgravia apartments, here are some images of lighting we supplied to the same residencies along with mid century furniture throughout.

Our first chandelier is by renowned Italian entrepreneur and designer, Gaetano Sciolari.

In brass and chrome, the sculptural, modernist piece has eight columns acting as bulb holders and zig zag arms that complement the apposing wall whilst creating a pleasing contrast between the symmetry of the chandelier and the ornate ceiling rose.

Although it is not uncommon to see brass and chrome together these days, it was Sciolari who broke the rules of tradition by introducing the combination in the late 1960’s, and futuristic, edgy creations such as this became synonymous with his name.

The next room is home to another Italian chandelier, this time a typical mid century design in brass and black with elegantly curved arms, each supporting two white tubular glass diffusers.

It is a graceful piece of lighting that casts a bright but warm glow creating an atmosphere of tranquility and style.

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