Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright

If you have an eye for the unusual and the head for a good investment, this life-size tiger bust from Mexican artist and sculptor, Sergio Bustamante, should appeal to you. Not only does it look magnificent, it is likely to increase in value due to a growing demand for Bustamante’s work around the world in countries such as Mexico, USA, Japan, Europe and, more recently, Russia.

But, before we talk about the man, lets talk about the beast; and what a handsome beast it is. Made from brass, copper and tin, it is part of a hand crafted, limited edition, and is therefore unique.

A stunning sculpture from all angles, the materials blend effortlessly together to form the refined features of a tiger with a regal, yet somehow, gentle expression.

The long growth of hair around the neck – definitive of male tigers – is a particularly pleasing aspect of this sculpture, with the three different coloured metals combining to achieve a real sense of vibrancy and movement.

Animals have been one of the recurring themes in Bustamante’s work since the mid 70’s when he turned his hand from painting and paper mache, to sculptures in wood and bronze. Since then, his magical and imaginative creations have led him to be internationally recognised in the world of creative art, with the Mexican government choosing his pieces as official gifts to state governors and prominent personalities.

With the design of exquisite jewellery, ceramic sculptures, and innovative furniture all featuring in Bustamante’s extensive list of talents, you can be sure we will be looking out for more of his work in the future.

The Tiger Bust Sculpture will be appearing on our website soon, so look out for it.

Sergio Bustamante Sculpture