Circa Revamped

Our Circa showroom has recently been revamped – fresh and new, but keeping to our usual grey and gold theme – and we are showcasing some interesting recent acquisitions alongside those already in our inventory.

The large Italian curved sofa, reupholstered in red velvet, along with the salon of Paola Buffa lounge furniture provide the perfect centrepiece to demonstrate how lighting, tables and seating could look when put together in a home environment, and to show how a diverse mix of styles can be such an inspiration for interior design ideas.

The lighting on show ranges from a colourful and quirky Italian ‘Triennale’ floor lamp to a pair of elegant Cristal Arte chandeliers that make for a wonderful complement to the large brass framed 1960’s Italian mirror; a very stylish piece with an inset faceted geometric design in gold and ruby. We have hung it landscape to fit with our decor but it looks equally appealing hung portrait or floor standing as in the picture on our website.

A range of cocktail, coffee and side tables – including a sleek, octagonal Romeo Rega design – are on display, and the dark stained oak flooring has been provided by our sister company, Marmorea.

We think it has a certain panache, but don’t take our word for it, come along and take a look for yourself.

We would love to see you!

And keep your eyes on the Marmorea site for an upcoming blog about our superior quality, Dutch wood flooring.

circa battersea

How to spend it

We have recently had the pleasure of being featured in a Financial Times ‘How to spend it’ article focusing on the rising popularity of drinks trolleys – or bar carts if you prefer – which ties in with an earlier Facebook post on the same subject.

The FT article explores the sense of occasion and glamour that drinks trolleys foster, and why vintage pieces – particularly interwar and midcentury designs – are becoming very sought after with cocktail enthusiasts wishing to bring ceremony to their homes.

Art deco specialist, Joreoen Markies, is quoted as saying that “mixing a drink in the room adds to the drama” and Galina Kuzmenko, principal banker at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, loves to wheel out her 1950’s drinks trolley with a flourish when entertaining.

No doubt about it, a bar cart with the wow factor can be a real conversation piece, and here is what the FT had to say about our own contribution to this stylish resurgence:

‘Some stunning trolleys can be found at Circa and Marmorea London (which trade on 1stdibs), including a sleek design (£3,200) in solid brass and glass, which owner David Flatt picked up at an antiques fair in Montpellier: “It’s neoclassical in style but still has that midcentury feel.”

But drinks trolleys are not just for cocktail lovers. Sometimes they’re used as bathroom stands and bedside tables or for serving afternoon tea. Flatt has also seen them stacked with books (“like a mobile library”) or used as a computer table.

Useful and beautiful. A winning combination every time. View the trolley here.