The lighting effect

Lighting plays a major role in interior design, and lights such as these three very different chandeliers – installed and pictured in customers’ homes – are also a focal point, so the placement of each individual style is of the utmost importance.

In the adjoining rooms of the first house (top picture) we have a pair of matching brass, white steel and lucite “snowball” sputnik chandeliers – circa 1950’s – designed by Emil Stejnar for Rupert Nikoll Vienna.

A pair of statement lights is always a great way to integrate large adjoining rooms and these sputniks also work in complete harmony with the brass framed mirror, carved ceiling roses and ornate coving, creating concinnity within the rooms.

In our second property (see bottom pictures) the existing light in the bedroom – a 70’s sputnik, German in origin – was an earlier purchase from Circa by our client and we sourced another, very similar one for the adjoining bathroom.

Both made from moulded amber-coloured glass, one set of six spheres is designed as if in orbit and the other set of eight mounted on a spiral brass frame in a more asymmetrical form.

Our final drawing room is home to a 1950’s Italian twelve arm burnished brass chandelier with black bulb holders and accents which – against the plain walls – creates a sense of drama and style. The light is bright yet subtle and the overall effect one of studied elegance.