Monumental French palm tree lamp by Maison Jansen

At Circa we strive to find the unusual, and when we manage to acquire a piece such this, we really have to share it.

At over 2.5 metres high and 2.5 metres wide this palm tree floor lamp is a truly imposing and dramatic piece of design. Hand made to the highest of standards by specialist craftsman using only the finest of materials, one can easily see why this is such a rare and sought after vintage piece.

The pinnate arrangement of leaves – pinnate from the latin word ‘pinna’ for feather – sits on top of a perfectly arched stem with an intricate bark formation that bears testament to the immense artistry put into this creation. The four bulbs are set amongst a cluster of brass berries and cast a beautiful light, reflecting the varying golden hues of the tree.

Owning a piece like this would put you in good company as Maison Jansen have fashionable clientele worldwide and provided design services for European royalty and the redecoration of the White House during the Kennedy period.

Although Maison Jansen was not originally equipped with its own workrooms, by the early 1890s it had established its own manufacturing capacity producing furniture of contemporary design, and fantastic pieces like this.